Lush Halloween Boo Luxury Bath Melt Review

I got the Lush Halloween Boo Luxury Bath Melt as part of a Lush gift and it’s super cute, smooth and silky.


What’s to love?

This is the first time I’ve tried a Lush Luxury Bath Melt so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The bath melt is a little different from the Bubble Bar in that it’s a lot softer. It feels like a giant hunk of Cocoa Butter and it melts like butter.

Boo smells amazing. It’s a combination of ginger, floral and citrus which packs a punch. There’s also some Sandalwood in there which give it an earthy scent. This one does not smell like candy or sugar.

This bath melt isn’t super big and the cost is $5.95 so I cut mine in half which was super easy to do, only a small piece fell off during cutting and a half piece was plenty for one bath.

The melt creates a milky and silky bath experience which was nice. I love how the cocoa butter moisturizes my skin.

So a big YES for Boo this Halloween. These makes great Halloween gifts too.

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