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e.l.f Lipstick Has A Secret Compartment! Really? Oh yeah.

Ok, this is so cool and feels like a bit of Harry Potter magic. I just found out from my friend that e.l.f. Lipstick has a secret compartment on the bottom of the lipstick tube. How cool is that?

So why did e.l.f create this magic hidden compartment? The answers vary. Cosmo claims it’s a “try before you buy” swatch but I’m going to debunk that one by saying that my lipstick came sealed in cardboard packing so I didn’t have access to the compartment. Also I think that’s a bit gross! I mean I don’t want someone sampling my lipstick on either end!

My theory is that it’s a Balm Chicky Balm Balm style “Friend End”. So say you’re at the movies and your friend is admiring your Pink Minx lipstick, instead of handing them the tube (germs people) you offer them the secret compartment end so they can test it out (with a clean finger of course!)

So there you have it. A little wizardry for your enjoyment. Thanks e.l.f!



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