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Lush Reindeer and Robin Christmas Fun Review

Lush is blowing my Christmas budget this year! I just love their entire holiday line. My most recent accusation is the Reindeer and Robin Fun.


What’s to love?

I love that you can create your own reindeer with this cute Fun kit that even includes “dark chocolate” cocoa butter bits to use for ears, hooves or nose.

You get four colors in this Fun pack: yellow, white, brown and red. The scents are very appealing too. You get a mixture of sweet cola, lime and Gardenia which creates an oddly woodsy and sweet aroma that smells like Christmas.

My kid absolutely this corn starch and glycerine based creation that can be molded into anything you like. It was works as a soap, bubble bath and shampoo. I usually slice the tube of Fun longwise to get all four colors to play with.

The package is $7.95 and we get about 5-7 uses from it. Fun is also Vegan and self-preserving which means that it lasts about a year. I plan on stocking up after the holidays when these go on sale.


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