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Bath & Body Works Holiday Whipped Shimmer Body Mousse Review

Woah Nelly! Bath & Body Works has got so many new holiday products that my head is spinning! One of the coolest new products is the Holiday Whipped Shimmer Body Mousse.


What’s to love?

When I passed these cans at Bath & Body Works I was so intrigued as to what they were. The can looks like a whipped cream can and dispenses like whipped cream…but it’s body mousse, how cool is that?

The Body Mousse comes in Christmas scents of Snowflakes & Cashmere, Fresh Sparkling Snow, Frosted Snow Blossom (which is my favorite) and Winterberry Wonder.

I have Frosted Snow Blossom on my hand and it’s a super thick whipped mousse product with a medium scent (not too overwhelming which I like) and a bit of shimmer. The product easily rubbed into my skin. It’s a smooth, moisturizing and shimmery lotion and I love it!

You can also buy the mini-Santa hat for $1 as a bottle topper. I got a bunch of these for my holiday gifts.


Price: $18.50 (but Bath & Body Works has a ton of coupons and sales so be sure to take advantage of that).

PS – I just saw that Bath & Body Works now has the Magic in the Air scent in the Body Mousse.


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