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Dumpster Diving For Make-Up? No way! Here are 5 reasons why this is the worst idea EVER.

Our local news just had a story on that horrified me. Apparently people are dumpster diving for make-up at two of the large beauty retailers. Now I thought that maybe this was a random act of people who had temporarily lost their minds, but no, it’s an actual thing.

Just search YouTube and you’ll find plenty of baffoons out there actually climbing into dumpsters and grabbing cosmetics by the handful and the proudly displaying their loot on YouTube! Now I’m all for recycling and I do believe that if new products are being dumped there should be a way to donate them properly, but don’t take make-up from the garbage!

Here are my 5 reasons why dumpster diving for make-up is the worst idea EVER!

  1. Germs. That’s clearly #1. Unless your Oscar the Grouch I seriously doubt you’d want to subject yourself to the germs lurking in a dumpster, let alone putting them on your face.
  2. Sharp Objects. My guess is that things other than soft make-up sponges and loofas make their way into the dumpster. Cutting your hand on a filthy pair of  scissors or rusty metal is only going to win you a trip to the ER.
  3. It’s Illegal. Or I am assuming it’s illegal. Call me crazy but I’d rather not end up in jail for scraping a used lipstick from the garbage.
  4. There’s probably a reason it’s in the dumpster. My guess is that it’s in the trash for a reason…like used, returned, recalled, expired, damaged or otherwise maligned merchandise.
  5. Germs. Yes, germs is on the list twice. If I’m throwing my own mascara out after 3 months because of bacteria growth I’m certainly not going to want a tube that’s been in the trash. GERMS PEOPLE.GERMS!

So there you have it. Five reasons why dumpster diving for make-up is a terrible idea and don’t even get me started on what these people might be doing with there haul. One person claimed they scored $5,000 worth of products. I seriously doubt they are wearing all of this make-up which leads me to believe they are selling it on ebay or at garage sales which makes me triple sure I’ll only buy cosmetics from a reputable source.



7 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving For Make-Up? No way! Here are 5 reasons why this is the worst idea EVER.”

  1. I’ve watched a few of those makeup dumpster diving videos on youtube, and I must say, I completely agree with you! So sketchy and gross. And probably illegal. And ew. lol

  2. Nothing is illegal unless there is a no trespassing sign and one trespasses. It’s not gross when 90% of the time it’s all new items the stores discard, some are testers. No grosser than you going into the store to use said tester right after the person before you picked their nose. Germs are everywhere.

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