Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Oil Review

I got a sample of the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Oil in my Birchbox and one of my readers asked me to review it and I’m glad she did! This stuff is awesome!


What’s to love?

I wasn’t sure I’d like putting oil in my hair and I think of oil as thick and goopy but I love this stuff! It’s got a very, very light texture and scent which is nice. I rubbed a dime sized drop into my palms and coated and scrunched my hair. I have super curly, thick hair that can be really unruly.

As you can see from the photos below my hair is much wavier in the after photo. I apologize for the bad lighting but I hope you can see that the hair oil also gave me a lot more shine, texture and shape. This oil also have UV and heat protection which is a bonus.

You can use this product on wet or dry hair but I really like it on dry! It’s a bit pricey at $40 for 3.4 fl. oz. but a little goes a long way.

I also like the slogan…For Sublime Softness. That it is. I definitely want this product.

Before and After




About Queen of the Girl Geeks

Bonnie is a 48-year-old girl geek. She started her career as a geek way back in the 1970's after she saw Star Wars 37 times. She loves hanging out in cosmetics shops, writing about the latest beauty products and helping moms over 40 look amazing. In her spare time she collects beach glass and blogs about it.
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10 Responses to Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Oil Review

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow! Love the pictures! Looks like amazing stuff! PS thanks for linking me! That was a nice surprise! 😍

  2. Robin says:

    I love Bumble and Bumble products. I’ll have to give this a try.

  3. Wow what a difference! I love hair oils, but I have dry hair 🙂

  4. Ah, to have thick curly hair. I just have thin curly hair. Looks like a great hair oil. I so love discovering my next favorite item in those love beauty boxes.

  5. Barbara says:

    I just want your hair. Very pretty. I use a little argan oil on my hair and so does my hairdresser before he adds colour. But I have to be so careful as I have fine hair and not much volume. Are Bumble and Bumble products available in Australia?

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