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Lush Layer Cake Soap Review

I ordered up a slice of the Lush Layer Cake soap with my holiday order because we received a sample last time and loved it although we have a bit of a mystery as to what colors go with what scents. Lush cuts you a slice off of a huge chuck of soap and what you get is always a surprise.

The layers are grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry juice and the colors of the entire soap creation are yellow, green, orange, purple and red but I’m not sure what scent goes with what color although I do love it!


What’s to love?

First up I am thrilled that I got red and green Christmas colors, I wonder if Lush planned it that way! The bar smells amazing and very fruity and honestly I can’t discern what particular fruit my bar is but that’s OK, I love it anyway.

The main ingredients are fresh orange juice, glycerine , rapeseed 0il and coconut which I found to lather and moisturize well.

I was actually surprised that this soap got kind of Meh reviews on the Lush site. I actually love the scent, found it to last and loved the lather. Perhaps they reworked the formula?



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