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Lush Miranda Soap Review

I have another Lush soap review for you today and this one is amazing. Miranda is a fruity Kiwi scent that I absolutely love. This is another sample I got from my online Lush order.


What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of fruity soaps and Miranda delivers. It’s a mix of Fresh Kiwi Fruit  , Ylang Ylang Oil , Myrrh Resinoid , Juniperberry Oil, Bergamot Oil and Gardenia Extract although I can’t smell much floral. I do smell the orange though.

The soap is orange with big chucks of green, yellow and red. My piece is all orange with what looks to be a Kiwi seed. The cool thing about Lish soaps is that they cut piece off of a huge chuck and you never know what colors you’re going to get.

I found Miranda to have a ton of lather and my skin felt very moisturized after I used it.

The one issue with these soaps (or any glycerine soap) is that they do tend to “melt” and they are very slippery so I recommend using a soap dish to contain them.


Price: $7.95 for 3.5 oz.


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