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Lush Sandstone Soap Review

The Lush Sandstone Soap is unique in that it’s not the prettiest of the Lush soaps but it sure makes up for it in scent.

What’s to love?

I got this sample piece of Sandstone a couple of weeks ago and just tried it out. While the color is kind of a dull brown it does remind me of a sandy beach. However the scent is amazing! It’s pure citrus with the featured ingredient being Coriander Oil.

This soap is not super bubbly but the lather is nice and smooth.

It’s also got some serious exfoliating power because it’s got sand in it. I really enjoyed using this soap and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I love the rough texture and the citrus scent so much. This one is definitely on my list for my next order.

The one thing I love about Lush Soaps is that I always find a new favorite. I have about 10 now that I like to rotate though and of course Lush is always coming out with new ones to tempt me.

One note too. I find that the Lush Soaps last me a good long while. I feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of a 3.5 oz. bar. They only thing you have to be careful about is that these glycerine bases soaps are super slippery.

Price: $7.97 for 3.5 oz.


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