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Urban Decay Has a New Jewel Tone Palette Called Afterdark

I really want the the new Urban Decay Afterdark Palette but I’m a little short on Christmas funds to get it as a pre-sale today from the Sephora app! It’s supposed to be online December 20th and  in stores on January 27th. I got a picture at Sephora today!


Afterdark is a limited-edition 10 shade jewel tone palette with some really pretty colors. The shades are:

  1. Alter: Light Gold
  2. Scene: Light Pink
  3. Supersonic: Dark Copper Red
  4. Sinful: Dark Gold
  5. Off Duty: Brown
  6. Druggie: Violet
  7. Backfire: Plum
  8. Lounge: This one has a brown base with a greenish-blue jewel tone.
  9. Fringe: Teal
  10. Paralyzed: Deep Blue

I really like the looks of the purples and Lounge. I love the dual tone of this one. So fingers crossed I can get this one after the Holidays!

Has anyone tried it yet?


5 thoughts on “Urban Decay Has a New Jewel Tone Palette Called Afterdark”

  1. The colors are so pretty! But after hearing so many mediocre and negative reviews on both the Moondust and Full Spectrum palettes I’m holding my breath on this one XD

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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