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The Would You Rather – Beauty (Queen of the Girl Geeks) Edition Tag

I saw the Would You Rather Beauty Edition Tag on the web and decided to create my own version. Feel free to take it if you want!

Would you rather have Boy George or George Clooney do your make-up?

Boy George all the way! I’d really love to meet him too.

Would you rather go out in public without a bra or lipstick?

A bra as long as I could wear a heavy shirt. Going out in public without lipstick on would be really scary.

Would you rather dye your hair pink or go gray?

This is a tough one as I’m already going gray so I think I’d try pink.

Would you rather have wear clown make-up or zombie make-up for Halloween?

Zombie all the way. I HATE clowns.

Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with lipstick or sunscreen?

I’m going to go with lipstick for this one.

Would you rather wear your make-up like the 1950’s or the 1980’s?

Not even a question. Has to be the 80’s.

Would you rather put make-up on Simon Le Bon or Simon Cowell?

Simon Le Bon and I would probably faint in the process.

Would you rather only use one blush color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

Lip color and that color would be Vice Amulet.

Would you rather be a princess or a pirate?

I’m going with pirate on this one. Can I be on the same boat as Captain Jack?

Would you rather have dark nails or light nails all year round?

Dark nails. I love the Halloween shades.

Would you rather give up Lush or eat paste?

I’d eat an entire tube of paste before I gave up Lush.



12 thoughts on “The Would You Rather – Beauty (Queen of the Girl Geeks) Edition Tag”

  1. I decided in 2016 that I was tired of getting my greying hair coloured to look as though I was 25. I went with the pink and some plums and a few other shades. I love it. Fun blog post.

  2. This is hilarious! I might pinch your questions if that’s OK. I’ll put a link back to you in my post xx

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