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Lush Satsuma Bath Bomb Review

One of the products that Lush included in the Boxing Day Sale was the Satsuma Bath Bomb. I am really hoping that they bring this orange delight back for Summer! I’m so glad I stocked up on a bunch of these while they were available.


What’s to love?

If you love oranges I hope you stocked up on Satsuma! I love the story behind this one too. Remember when people would put oranges in Christmas stockings? Well this is a new twist on an old tradition which I think is so cute.

I do hope that Lush brings back Satsuma for Summer. This bath bomb is pure luscious orange and it smells just like freshly squeezed orange juice. As a citrus lover this is one of my favorite bath bombs. The color of Satsuma is orange with a yellow center (see photo above) and it turns the bath a most amazing shade of orange.

My skin also felt very soft and smooth after using Satsuma and it didn’t stain my bathtub which is always a plus!

One bath bomb tip too! Sometimes I cut a piece of bath bomb up using a butter knife. This is a great way to save a bit of money. I find that using half or a quarter piece works perfectly for a quick bath.



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