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Bath & Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub Review

This week I picked up the Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Golden Sugar Scrub because it’s one of my favorites and I’m on a major sugar scrub kick!

What’s to love?

Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite places for Sugar Scrubs. I go nuts over the holidays and now with their Semi-Annual Sale I think I’m stocked up for the family.

The Golden Sugar Scrubs are some of my favorites and they come in Warm Vanilla Sugar, Moonlight Path, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea. There might be a few more floating around out there but Warm Vanilla Sugar is my favorite.

The formula has “naturally exfoliating sugar crystals, nourishing apricot and almond oils” which exfoliate and moisturize my skin so well. This formula is super thick too (I’m not a fan of runny scrubs) so this one is perfect for me. It’s also got a beautiful golden color that’s so pretty, no sparkles in this one though.

The scrubs are so easy to use. Just added water and rub. I love using this one my elbows and feet. I never use these on my face.

I also love that they safety seal these tubes. I’m such a germaphobe and that seal makes me feel so much better! I wish all beauty products were sealed.

Bath & Body Works products are Made in the USA and they are not tested on animals.


6 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub Review”

  1. I haven’t heard of this before, i love body scrubs! i bet it smells fab too! Have you tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea one? I’d be interested to know what that one smells of…. Great post X

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