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Lush Baked Alaska Review

My second Lush Boxer Day Sale went out on quite an adventure! Due to bad weather it got delayed in Portland, OR and has seen more states than me which I think is pretty cool.

Luckily my order arrived in tact and the first thing that caught my eye was Baked Alaska, I got two and I’m tempted to get more. It’s still available on Lush North America at 50% off.

What’s to love?

In its whole Baked Alaska looks like a giant snowball, that’s the whitish coating you see in the first picture, however when it’s sliced up the colors are beautiful globes embedded in the soap! It looks like an 80’s party inside!

The smell of Baked Alaska is so intoxicating too. It’s definitely citrus with a a mix of organic lemon myrtle, grapefruit and ylang ylang. The suds on this one are so soft and bubbly too. It truly embodies the Lush experience and is one of my favorite soaps. I will they’d sell this one year round.


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