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Lush Yog Log Roulade Review

The final item from my Lush Boxer Day Sale is the Yog Log Roulade which smells like spicy caramel. Now I just have to wait for Christmas 2017 to arrive. I can’t wait.

What’s to love?

Roulade refers to the shape of this soap more than the formulation. A roulade (I had to look this up) is basically a rolled pastry or meat dish.

So the Yog Log is basically a rolled up bar of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Ylang Yland Oil so it’s not exactly soap but more of a cream. The yellow coating is Fresh Honeydew Melon Pulp.

I actually find it a bit too creamy as soap but I love it as a shave cream. It’s not super bubbly but does leave my legs super smooth after shaving.

The caramel scent is a bit spicy and strong but I really liked it. I also have a feeling this bar will last awhile. It keeps its shape and I don’t use a lot for shaving.


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