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L’Oreal Infallible Paint Eye Shadow Review

The new L’Oreal Infallible Paint Eye Shadow is a really interesting product with a lot of potential and uses.


What’s to love?

This new two sided liquid eyeshadow from L’Oreal is a true paint and I have to agree that it is Infallible. It comes in 12 color combinations including: Mistress Noir (black), Shady Violet (purple), Navy Yard (navy/pink), BRB Blue (blue/grey), Aqua Aura (aqua/sand), Mint Detox (green), Army Camo (olive), Jet Set Blonde (yellow/white), Sunset Fire (red), Cool Ivory (white), Nude Fishnet (beige), Brown Sugar (brown).

I chose the Aqua Aura shade. I love that this product comes in big bold colors. These would be great for holiday or costume make-up too as the color does not budge!

Each side is a liquid eyeshadow that you apply with a doe foot. The aqua side is more of a sheen while the sand side is a shimmer. The product has no scent and applies like a cream.

You have a good deal of choices with application too. You can go dark by just applying and letting it dry and it’s buildable. Or you can blend it which is what I did. I used an eye shadow primer which makes the product even more blendable. Once it’s dry however you really can’t blend much. It does dry like paint but with no cracking.

I don’t usually wear blue eye shadow but I wanted to be a little different and I think it looks nice.

If you’re young I think the possibilities are endless with this product. Green would make a great St. Patrick’s Day look or you could do a cool Pokemon inspired style with yellow, white and red.

Also check out my Target Maybelline Haul on YouTube!


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