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Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Review

I hit Bath & Body Works today because they have an amazing new line called Tutti Dolci and I had a coupon. Tutti Dolci means “all sweets” in Italian and it is a super sweet line. I picked up the Golden Honey Praline, White Mocha Kiss Body and Pink Peony Creme Creams today. I also got the Sweet Lemon Buttercup Creamy Body Wash, the Pink Peony Creme Lip Balm and the Love the Lather sponge set. Here’s the scoop!

What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body works Body Cream and the new scents are so delicious. Tutti Dolci comes in 4 scents:

  • Golden Honey Praline -Pear, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Cashew Milk, Jasmine
  • White Mocha Kiss – Apple, Watery Lily, S’mores, Ginger Flower, Coconut Orchid
  • Sweet Lemon Buttercup – Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon, Sparkling Lime Blossom
  • Pink Peony Creme -Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon, Sparkling Lime Blossom

At first I thought this was more of an ice cream line but it’s really more Italian bakery. All of the scents combine sweet, musky and floral which makes for a very nice mix. I chose the Golden Honey Praline because I love the salted caramel scent. The Sweet Lemon Buttercup is my second favorite scent. The packaging is cute too with shimmery bottles that have a decorative banner on top.

The Tutti Dolci line products include the Body Cream, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Lip Balm and the Creamy Body Wash. You can also get a cute sponge pack and a make-up bag.


9 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Review”

  1. I still have some of the original line. I decided it was time to let them go when they re-released them again and I realized it had been 12 years,haha. I wish they had brought back a few of the old ones but the Lemon still smells the same to me so I’m happy. I liked the praline a lot as well. Thank goodness for buy 3 get 3 free! 🙂

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