Lush Easter 2017 Flopsy Face Wash Jelly Review & Demo

I just got my 2017 Lush Easter haul and I’m quite excited! One of the items in the haul is the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly and let me just say the whole family had a ball playing with this one. This is a very unique Lush product and it’s adorable in a sci-fi sort of way.

What’s to love?

Flopsy comes smashed in a Lush tub and the little guy is crammed in there pretty well. You actually have to unfold and separate him (or her) very carefully. You can see the “unfolding in my video”.

Once Flopsy is out of the tub he’s basically a big wobbly bunny face jelly that’s got Fresh Carrot Infusion, Seaweed Gel, Almond Oil and Lemon Oil. It’s also got some florals. Now for the weird part. I’m not sure I like Flopsy’s scent. Lush calls it “Zesty” and I would say that’s a good description. It’s not a bad smell, just very unusual and his scent tends to linger.

To use Flopsy just add water and lather him up. I suppose you could cut a piece off but I recommend just balling him up and lathering.

This is seriously one of the most fun Lush products I have ever owned and my family had a great deal of fun chasing people around the house with this wobbly jelly. So it’s a win for us!

He’s also Made in Canada and Vegan.

Check out my YouTube Lush Easter Reveal with Flopsy!



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Bonnie is a 48-year-old girl geek. She started her career as a geek way back in the 1970's after she saw Star Wars 37 times. She loves hanging out in cosmetics shops, writing about the latest beauty products and helping moms over 40 look amazing. In her spare time she collects beach glass and blogs about it.
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4 Responses to Lush Easter 2017 Flopsy Face Wash Jelly Review & Demo

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  2. Omg cuuuute, how have I not seen that face jelly yet haha- love it! Loved reading this xoxo

    my latest post ♡

  3. caseykay says:

    Whoa, such a unique fun product!!

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