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Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy Review & Demo

Today I picked up 5 of the brand new Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzies for a review and demo.

These Fizzy Bath Bombs are new to Spring 2017 and so far come in: A Thousand Wishes, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Love & Sunshine, Pretty As A Peach, Beautiful Day and Magic In The Air, Hello Beautiful, Endless Weekend and Sweet Pea. They are so pretty too.


What’s to love?

I really love bath bombs so I was curious to check out the new ones from Bath & Body Works because they have a few of the upscale elements like the crystals.

The bath bombs are wrapped in two layers of plastic so it’s hard to tell the scent in the store but once I got them home I found them to be very similar to their line scents, for example Japanese Cherry Blossom smells just like the lotion.

These are a Sodium Bicarbonate bath bombs with citric acid, sodium chloride, canola oil, shea butter and coconut oil. They also have fragrance and color. I did find that they made my hands very soft and fragrant.

I compared them to Lush a bit in my video below (and made a glorious mess…it’s hard to demo a bath bomb in a small container) but overall I think these fizzies are nice for the price.

Lush is definitely more high end to me as they are handmade and contain a lot of the natural herbs and scents however I really loved the smell and feel of these too. If you’re a fan of the Bath & Body Works scents I think you’ll probably love these bath fizzies.

In my demo the fizz was very concentrated…I also tried one out in the bath tub too. They do seem to have a lot of fizz to them which makes me think they might have a higher level of Sodium Bicarbonate. They fizz is pretty spectacular and fun as are the colors. Japanese Cherry Blossom is pink, Love & Sunshine is a gorgeous yellow and the Pretty As A Peach is pretty much clear except for the peach crystals.

Overall I definitely like these bath fizzies and they make a great gift if you pair them up with a scent line too. My MIL loves A Thousand Wishes so I’m getting her a baskets of these products for Mother’s Day and it will be fun to include the bath fizzy.

The Bath & Body Works Fizzy Bath Bombs retail for $6.95 but they always have some sort of sale and I got $10 off $30.

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