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LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Is In Stores Now! First Impression.

The LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette is now at Ulta and Kohl’s! I actually stopped by Kohl’s today for something else and was surprised to see it there. Kohl’s only had the palette and not the lipstick or blush but there was a spot on the display for those products so they may be getting them in. I am also wondering if you can use your Kohl’s percent discount on this palette, that might sway me to pick this one up.

UPDATE: I just picked up the Cheek Palette at Ulta…here’s my review… LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Cheek Palette & Lip Duo Review.

While I didn’t buy Pirates of the Caribbean today I did play around with the display.  The packaging is beautiful with a black, gold and starry theme. The shades are pretty and pigmented but I felt like there were too many neutrals and nudes for me to spend the $52.

I have a lot of these shades already and I was kind of disappointed that there were no purple shades. I mean don’t pirates where purple! I also would have like to see a brilliant gold. The shades I loved the most were: Starry Night, Treasure and Menace.

Overall I love the branding and the packaging and I might just pick it up if it goes on sale because I love Pirates of the Caribbean.

Here’s what you get in the palette.

Row 1:


  • Ghostly (white shimmer)
  • Starry Night (light cobalt blue shimmer)
  • Compass (true gold shimmer)
  • Arrrgh! (brown shimmer)
  • Black Pearl (iridescent blue-green shimmer)
  • YoHo (silver champagne shimmer)

Row 2:


  • Bones (sand matte)
  • Silvermist (silver chrome shimmer)
  • Treasure (ruby red shimmer)
  • Tell No Tales (burgundy mauve matte)
  • Shiver Me (blush pearl shimmer)
  • Cursed (black gold shimmer)

Row 3:


  • Matte-y (ivory matte)
  • Lost At Sea (silver blue shimmer)
  • Pirates Chest (caramel matte)
  • Sea Haze (golden sage shimmer)
  • Menace (deep forest green matte)
  • Silent Mary (grey plum matte)

18 thoughts on “LORAC Pirates of the Caribbean Palette Is In Stores Now! First Impression.”

      1. Yeah that’s about how the Brunch palette was only that was mostly light shades so the quality was 👎🏻. I may need to stop at Ulta and play with this one. Thanks! 😘

  1. No you can’t use those % off coupons from Kohls on these. Most of the Makeup brands they carry are excluded. You CAN use Kohl’s Cash earned towards it though.

      1. You can’t even use the % off coupons on all regular merchandise in the store either. Some brands are excluded (Levis, Under Armour, etc). I’ve been shopping at Kohl’s for around 30 years so I’ve got most of their policies memorized. 😂

      1. I like the look of the blush palette and love the fact it slides into the eyeshadow palette. Some of the lipsticks are so pretty and wearable as well as the bright colours.

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