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Lush Over And Over Bath Bomb Review

I think that the Lush Over And Over Bath Bomb is my new favorite! This citrus wonder is about the most colorful Lush Bath Bomb I have used lately and it smells amazing!

What’s to love?

The new orange, yellow and pink Lush Over And Over has Lime Oil, Cypress Oil and Orris Oil with Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter.

This one was so easy to cut open too. It reminds me a bit of the Golden Egg in the way it cuts. The inside is a gorgeous hot pink.

Over And Over feels a lot more creamy than fizzy when it melts. You can see the really brilliant colors popping off below. They swirl into the water creating a really pretty orange shade when mixed together.

This one made my skin feel amazing and the smell lingers for a bit. I still can’t get  over how much I love the scent on this one. It’s pure orange and lemon. I really want to stock up. I do get two uses because I cut them in half too.

Price: $8.95


In my video I compare theLush Over And Over Bath Bomb to the new Bath & Body Works Fizzes and I do love them both!

*and yes I accidentally call Over And Over the Over And Under in my video! Oops…it does look like Over And Under though : )


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