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Lush Sexy Peel Soap Review

I can never resist trying out new Lush soap so I picked up the Lush Sexy Peel Soap during my latest haul and boy is it nice! A fresh citrus delight.


What’s to love?

Sexy Peel is all about oranges! I seriously love all products that smell like oranges and this one is very nice too. This soap also has Coconut Oil and the juice, oil and peel of orange and lemon. It also has lime juice and oil in it. So this is a lot of delicious citrus!

The citrus peel does an amazing job with exfoliation and I love using this one on my face and body. It’s extremely fresh and leaves my skin tight and smooth. It also does a great job with oil control.

Overall I am loving Sexy Peel and the name is cute too.

Check out my Spring 2017 Lush Haul video too!


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