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Lush Father’s Day Superdad Bath Bomb Review

Of course we all know Dad is super but now you can show your love by getting him a Lush Superdad Bath Bomb. Now my husband isn’t much into baths so this one is going to the girls in the house but we really like it.

What’s to love?

I ordered the Superdad Bath Bomb from Lush North America and it was a bit dusty on arrival but I really like the colors and pattern. It was also larger than I expected.

The scent of this one is sandalwood and olibanum oil and it has a nice woodsy scent and the colors look amazing in the tub. This is a good one if you love the bright blue Lush shade.

I cut this one up into 4 pieces to make it last and a quarter makes for a nice blue Superhero inspired bath!

Price: $8.95

Also be sure to check out my 2017 Lush Father’s Day haul on YouTube!


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