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Lush Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar Review

As part of my Lush Father’s Day Haul I picked up a Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar and I had some mixed results on this one.

The funny thing is when I ordered Pop in the Bath I thought it was going to be purple with a blue flower but I got a blue one with a pink flower which was fine, just peculiar.

The second odd thing about this bubble bar was that it’s extreme soft, almost like play-doh. Now I’ve tired about 20 bubble bars from Lush and this is my first experience with a soft one so I’m not sure if this one is just softer or this is just an anomaly.

The good news is that it performs just like a regular bubble bar. It had lots of creamy bubbles and smells like citrus (lemon and mandarin) which I love. It also leaves the tub will a pretty dark blue-purple water.

Overall I like Pop in the Bath  but next time I’m in the store I want to check these out. Has anyone else every gotten a soft bubble bar?


6 thoughts on “Lush Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar Review”

  1. Perhaps it was really super fresh? Mine are always a little dried out – not crumbly, but not the Playdoh you’re describing either. Odd. I do always find that nothing I get from Lush (the free-form stuff like bubble bars) actually looks like it does on the website, though! I’ve gotten some seriously janky looking critters over the years!

  2. I think I just reviewed this myself and I didn’t think it felt like playdoh. But I bought mine in store. Maybe it’s really hot and just got a little soft during it’s travel to you??? Mine was pink with a blue flower on it too.

      1. I have only ordered once from LUSH and a few of my things were crackly. So it could’ve happened! At least it was still a good bubble bar for you!

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