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Yes to Natural Man Shower To-Go Wipes Review

When I first saw the Yes to Natural Man Shower To-Go Wipes in my Target Father’s Day Beauty Box I was a bit leery. I mean how clean can a sweaty man get “on the go”? So I put these wipes to the test by having my husband try them out after a day of yard work.

What’s to love?

These neat wipes have aloe, oat oil, and coffee seed extract to give them that “Natural Man” scent. I love how they smell and think that they could be unisex. They have a fresh woodsy scent that’s not overpowering.

The wipes themselves are wet but not drippy and they do a nice job of cleaning skin although I don’t think they are quite strong enough to replace a shower. My husband liked the scent but didn’t feel that they replace a shower either. However I do think they’d be great in the car for freshening up.

Overall I think the Yes to Natural Man line is good and they also have a Daily Facial Scrub.

These wipes are 97% natural and phthalate-free, butylparaben-free, formaldehyde donor-free, formaldehyde-free, nonylphenol ethoxylate free, propylparaben-free, Sulfate-free, paraben-free, contains naturally derived ingredients.

Also be sure to check out my June Target Beauty Box Unboxings video!


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