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Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar Review

I am completely confounded with the Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar because it gets amazing reviews and my mom and daughter like the scent but I’m just not loving this one.

The Milky Bath Bubble bar has Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil and Citronellol which I think is the scent that is bothering me. Citronellol is a colorless liquid with a sweet, rose-like odor and I’m not a huge fan of roses.

I also think that I was expecting Milky Bath to smell like vanilla so when I smelled roses I was a little taken aback. I did melt a piece in the sink and it does perform like most Lush Bubble bars in giving off great bubbles and my hands did feel amazing. I just can’t get on board with the scent.

The lesson here is smell before you buy! I did order this one online before smelling it and while most of the Lush descriptive are spot on it does take an in person whiff to really get a sense of whether you’re going to love a product.

The good news is that this is only the second Lush product that hasn’t floated my boat. The other product was the Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser.

Does anyone else have an aversion to roses?


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