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My 3 Lush Luxuries For Summer

The one place that I tend to go overboard is Lush. I am completely addicted to their products and these 3 products have been my Summer luxuries this year.

Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bar


This lavender bubble bar is perfect for hot Summer nights. I love the white and purple swirls and it does a great job of putting me to sleep when I’m stressed out.

Lush Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser


This doughy cleanser is made from charcoal powder and a pinch gives my grimy Summer skin a really good cleansing. I use this a few times a week.

Lush Dragon Egg Bath Bomb


This was the Lush Bath Bomb that started it all for me! My first ever. This Summer I’ve gone through about 5 and it’s still my favorite. A fresh mix of lemon and bergamot makes it so relaxing!

However as much as I’m enjoying Summer I’m so ready for Fall! Bring on Lush Halloween : )


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