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Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb Review

The NEW Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb is not only cute but it smells really nice too. This one has a hint of the 1960’s with psychedelic yellow and fluorescent pink colors that swirl around in the bath

What’s to love?

I swear this one smells a bit like bananas but it actually has Brazilian Orange Oil, Coriander Seed Oil and Lemongrass Oil.

I split mine down the middle and then quarter it for four baths. It looks so pretty while melting which makes for a very relaxing bath.



9 thoughts on “Lush Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb Review”

  1. This is one of Mark’s favourites. He loves this one and the dragon egg. I’ve definitely converted him to the beauty of the bath bomb lol! x

      1. And tell me they weren’t partying when they wrote that one. “We all live in a yellow submarine” – Ringo was probably floating on the ceiling. 😂

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