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Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review

One of the most unique and fun new Bath & Body Works Christmas products is Unicorn Snot which I absolutely LOVE!

Unicorn Snot is a glitter gel that comes in 4 colors — pink, purple, silver & gold. I was able to pick up the pink and purple shades today.

It doesn’t really have a scent and is a lightweight clear gel with really nice glitter. I was able to rub it on my skin for a light sheen and even at 47 it looks good on me (I think). You can even wear it in your hair for a little sparkle.

These also make great gifts for teens and tweens. They are $10 but if you can find a Buy 3, Get 3 deal with 20% off they are much more reasonable. I’m going to be giving a lot of Unicorn Snot out for Christmas this year. I hope my family loves it as much as me!

Check out my Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review on YouTube!


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