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My Lush Boxing Day Haul 2017

I just got my 2017 Lush Boxing Day Haul and I’m super excited. The ordering process was super smooth this year as your cart held for 15 minutes after you added each item. I got my order in on Tuesday and it came today which was super fast!

Here’s what I got this year. Everything was Buy 1, Get 1 Free so I got 2 of each of these items for $157 + tax and shipping.

Luxury Lush Pud
Never Mind The Ballistics
Plum Snow
Saucy Snowcake
Snow Fairy
Christmas Rocker
Sherbet Dip
The Man In The Moon
Baked Alaska
Christmas Citrus

I also created a video reveal of my awesome Lush Boxing Day 2017 haul!


2 thoughts on “My Lush Boxing Day Haul 2017”

  1. I had no such luck- I had items in my cart but by they time I checked out it was all gone. I did however have better success in store. The mall near me had the BOGO on and I went in there on the 28th and there were so many items left 🙂

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