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Blogging In The Dark!

We had an ice storm yesterday and our power has been out for 24+ hours and I realized how dependent I am on the internet. For the first 17 hours  I had NO internet access and to say I was fidgety was an understatement! No less than 8 times I moved my mouse on a dark computer just out of habit!

I’m now blogging in the dark on the last of my laptop battery (my wonderful husband charged it at work) and my backup Wi-Fi battery is on it’s last legs.

So while I don’t have a beauty update today, I do feel fortunate that I’m at least able to blog.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow I’m back up and running! Is anyone else out there in the dark?


7 thoughts on “Blogging In The Dark!”

  1. That sounds horrible! I know I freak out if I don’t have internet too. I think part of it for me is just knowing that I can’t use it if I wanted to. That bothers me. Plus, not having power in general makes it worse because it’s so boring. What did you do for heat? We had our power go out a few years ago for 12 hours due to a snow storm. It was so boring, but we also didn’t have heat, so it was freezing cold in the house. I was bundled up in bed the entire time and was still shivering.

  2. I am so with you, I lose my mind when the power is out! After Hurricane Irma, we were without power for 8 days, and cell service was incredibly limited. There was absolutely NOTHING to do and without having access to the internet, I about lost my mind. We’re so spoiled with access to everything at our fingertips. I am glad you are back on!

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