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Bath & Body Works PocketBac Shortage

I’m hearing stories from across the country that Bath & Body Works is having a PocketBac shortage due the the CoronaVirus which is just frightening. The PocketBacs are also completely sold out online at Bath & Body Works.

As of today my Ohio store was still pretty stocked only there was a limit of 10 PocketBacs per person and the price went up to 5 for $8. I ended up getting 5 today including the new Going Bananas which smells amazing!

I’m hoping that Bath & Body Works is able to up their production and get more into stores soon. I understand that hand washing is the best defense for the CoronaVirus but I do feel better being able to us the PocketBacs after I touch anything in a store. Oh course I’m really hoping that the spread of the CoronaVirus stops soon too. Scary times.

You can see my latest PocketBac haul on YouTube along with the new Tropical Gel Hand Soaps.


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