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NEW Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Review!

Bath & Body Works has a brand new Fresh Cute Lilacs body care line and it’s amazing! Fresh, Springy and so pretty!

Fresh Cut Lilacs is a  just-picked blend of lilac bouquets, dewy greens & soft spring air and it’s not only super pretty but strong and long lasting.

It comes in the Body Cream, Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Fine Fragrance Mist.

Fresh Cut Lilacs is part of the new Mother’s Day Collection that also includes: Whipped Vanilla Chiffon, Black Cherry Merlot and Champagne Toast.

Also be sure to check out my Bath & Body Works Fresh Cute Lilacs Body Care video review on YouTube!

1 thought on “NEW Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Review!”

  1. I called BBW on Friday 4/9/2021 regarding the 20% coupon supposedly in the mail.
    I was told that BBW only sends these coupon to certain households and ONLY ONCE A YEAR to that household. So since I received the last coupon, I would not receive another one again this year.

    I also asked regarding the stocking of the Fresh Cut lilacs in the store. The associate told me that she could not give me a date for that either. Nor the Mimosa nor the new Confetti. I live in a large city (Los Angeles) and I would think, BBW would want to stock these stores.

    Would you be kind enough to clarify these two points with BBW. For someone like me that has spent close to $500 with them since January, obviously I did not like its answers, specifically on the coupon.

    Thank you!!

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