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Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale 2020 – Tips & News!

It’s time for the Summer Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale and while this year might be a bit different I’m excited to see what they have to offer. The Bath & Body Works June Semi-Annual Sale starts June 8th both in-store (where open) and online.

This year the red bins won’t be on the floor but we should see the 50% off and 75% off signs. I am really hoping that the Bake Shop collection from February is part of SAS as I need to stock up on Strawberry Pound Cake.

Bath & Body Works will also be limiting the number of people that can be in a store at one time so my advice is to shop on off hours to avoid crowds. That’s what I plan on doing.

Bath & Body Works also has some exciting new collections including Boardwalk Taffy and the new fruit line that includes Pink Watermelon, Sun-Washed Citrus, Pretty as a Peach and Raspberry Tangerine. I heard there are scrubs with this collection too.

When you walk into a store you’ll get a paper bag to place your products in and there are arrows on the floor to control traffic flow. Bath & Body Works is also not accepting cash or doing returns right now.

I’m excited to see what other surprises might show up at SAS! It’s always a fun time and this year should be no different.

Also be sure to check out my Bath & Body Works SAS Video on YouTube!


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