Fight Crepey Skin with NAKEDPROOF Affirm Yourself Firming Body Cream

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice

As a sixty-year-old woman, I’m starting to notice a bit of crepey skin and I really don’t like it. As a new Avon independent sales representative, I went looking for an Avon product that will help me fight this unfortunate effect of the aging process. What I found made me jump for joy!

NAKEDPROOF Affirm Yourself Firming Body Cream by Avon claims to be a proven body care line that delivers powerful results. Sounds good, right?

It goes on to say, This firming body cream is clinically proven to visibly banish crepey skin for a more toned, defined look and that  96% showed improvement in firmness and tone after using the product for 12 weeks. Sounds even better!

Good, Better, Best

Best of all, this cream came highly recommended by several other Avon sales reps who attested that they had seen results! Okay,

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