3 Awesome Black Eyeliners!

This Summer I’ve been wearing black eyeliner a little more to define my eyes and I’ve been rockin’ these high end 3 brands. These are all samples I have gotten in my beauty boxes this past year! I have so many sample eyeliners I may never have to buy one again.


Smashbox Always Sharp Liner – This soft waterproof eyeliner comes in 8 colors and I love that it’s a twist up. It’s very smooth and looks great on my “older” eyes. Price: $21

Clinique Skinny Stick in Shimmering Black – This is the thinnest eyeliner I have ever seen but it works great on my waterline. It is also Ophthalmologist Tested, Allergy Tested. and 100% Fragrance Free. On sale for $17

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – This black liquid liner is waterproof and transfer-resistant. I love the bold look and it’s so easy to apply. It also comes in Mad Max Brown, Price: $20

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder Review

I’ve been using a sample of the Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder in Taupe for about a month now and I am so impressed with it. The powder also comes in Dark Brown, Brunette and Blonde. The Full-Sized price is $25 and it’s Made in Germany.

What’s to love?

Brows are never too exciting to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I tend to wear my hair with bangs and they usually get hidden. The reality is I really should be paying more attention to making my brows look more shaped and the Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder has gone a long way with helping me achieve this.

This brow powder is super fine and has amazing pigmentation. I just swipe a little on with the tiny applicator and my brows look very professional and full. I also like that it never gives me that Grocho Marx look.

I’ve read some reviews wear people have said this product is messy but I have not experienced that at all. The powder is very, very fine and the tiny foam tip applicator gives me just the right amount of coverage. I also love that I can “spot fill” areas where my brows are thin.

Overall I am truly impressed with the product and I imagine the full-sized tube will last forever. A little goes a long way.

Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

I got a sample of the Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick and while I’m not always a fan of matte this one feels nicer than most I’ve tried.


What’s to love?

I’m a huge fan of the Smashbox brand so it’s no surprise that I like the Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick.

This long-lasting matte is very easy to apply and dries quickly without feeling super dry on my lips. Like I said usually matte liquids dry and shrivel my lips but this one looks nice and plump which I love. The pigmentation is also amazing. I had zero patchy spots and compete coverage in one swipe.

The lip gloss smells like cookies which is nice and it’s free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates.

The funny thing is I have no idea what shade this is! I got this sample last Summer and the shade is not listed on the tube. However I think it might be Deep Orange which is sold out at Sephora so it might have been a Summer color.

Overall I think this is my new favorite matte liquid!


I do like the look of the matte texture but just for fun I added a little Eclissare Color Eclipse ColorGlass Lip Gloss for some shine. I think both looks are nice.

Full-Sized Price: $24

Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter Review

I picked up the Smashbox L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter today in Malibu Berry. You get Plum, Rosy Plum and Berry Pink with Gold Shimmer as the highlighter. This trio is awesome!


What’s to love?

Normally I have such a hard time choosing a blush. It’s easy to go too dark or too orange or too sparkly and you end up looking like a clown. Luckily Smashbox makes it easy to be goof proof with their L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter sets which come in a trio of beautiful complementary colors.

I choose the Malibu Berry set because I love the darker pinks on my fair skin. It also comes in Pacific Coast Pink and  Culver City Coral sets.

I love that you get 3 colors to play with. The Berry Pink with Gold Shimmer is amazing as a highlighter and really brought out the depth in my cheeks without being too sparkly. The product itself is super pigmented and smooth. I use a large blush brush to apply and it so easy to blend.

Overall I am super impressed with this blush so far and although Smashbox tends to be on the pricey side I know this palette will last a really long time. It’s also a relief to have finally found a blush that I love so much right from day one. I usually buy blush, get it home and then decide it’s not so great. Not so with the L.A. Lights Blush & Highlighter. Love this one!

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review

I probably have over 10 mascaras that I switch back and forth through. I always seems to get them as promotional gifts or with sets and they’re fun to try out. I really love the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black that I got in a set.

What’s to love?

First I have to say that the wand for this mascara is HUGE so I was a little bit afraid that it would clump or be goopy but not so. Despite the large wand it’s super easy to apply and I was really pleased with the results. I paired the mascara with the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quad in Rust for a great look.

The Smashbox Full Exposure formula is smooth and gives you volume without making your eyes look over processed. I didn’t apply a second coat, one worked just great.

One of the problems in women over 40 (like me) is that too much mascara or dark eyes can really magnify aging so you have to be careful about going too dark unless of course your going to an Alice Cooper concert, then it’s fine to have really dark eyes.

It’s funny, I read that women over 40 should avoid mascara on their lower lashes but I totally toss that tip out the window. I think as long as you apply carefully it can really enhance your eye.

So Yay! for the Smashbox Full Exposure. This one is going in my “daily use” box.

PS – The one great thing about getting mascara as a sample or as part of a kit is that you’re not getting too much product. I’m completely OCD about only keeping my mascara for a few months, then they get tossed. So the smaller sample tubes work better for me.