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Bath & Body Works NEW Waikiki Beach Coconut Milk Body Scrub Review & Demo

I am so excited about the NEW Waikiki Beach Coconut Milk Body Scrub. This pressed white coconut meat and cane sugar scrub is amazing!


What’s to love?

First up the packaging on the new Bath & Body Works line is so cute. It looks like vintage beachy postage stamps and has a very retro feel.

The Waikiki Beach Coconut Milk Body Scrub smells so good too. The scent includes  beach coconut, pink passionflower, saltwater breeze, fresh bamboo & sun-bleached woods. To me it smells sweet (but not too sweet) with a beach floral undertone.

The exfoliation is light to medium and super creamy and it gives off some nice fluffy moisturizing bubbles and my skin felt fresh and smooth after I used it. I think this is my new favorite sugar scrub for Spring!

Price: $16.50

Also be sure to check out my Waikiki Beach Coconut Milk Body Scrub demo on YouTube!

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Bath & Body Works NEW Summer Smoothie Scrub Review

Another Summer 2017 Bath & Body Works product is the Smoothie Scrub! The Smoothie Scrub comes in 5 scents including:

  • Cabana Breeze – Blue and it smells like: Suntan lotion and a fresh cotton towel.
  • Poolside Pop – Pink and it smells like: Fruity drinks with umbrellas and sun-drenched afternoons.
  • Grapefruit Splash – Orange and it smells like: Electric sunsets and endless summers.
  • Liquid Sunshine – Green and it smells like: Sunny skies and the shade of a palm tree.
  • Pineapple Punch – Aqua and it smells like: Pineapple popsicles and pool floats.

This refreshing Summer scrub is infused with an antioxidant burst, Vitamin A, and fruit extracts. I found this scrub to lather nicely and my Poolside Pop scent smells amazing! I love Bath and Body Works Scrubs and this is is so nice too.

I think this line is a nice addition for Summer, but I really can’t wait for the Fall scents to release!

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Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish Review

I received a sample of the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish in my May Target Beauty Box. I have had mixed feeling about Soap & Glory because of the floral scents (I prefer fruit and food) but I really love this body polish.


What’s to love?

Soap & Glory is growing on me! The Flake Away Body Polish has just the right amount of grit and made my skin feeling amazingly refreshed and I really picked up on the fruit scents more than the floral this time. This product is great for dry skin and worked wonders on my legs. I would call this a true body polisher.


The scent of Flake Away is the Soap & Glory Original Pink scent which has combines bergamot, mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, and soft musk & amber base notes.

It’s super easy to use, just mix with water and rub on skin. I has no irritation from Flake Away but I don’t have sensitive skin.

Full-sized Price: $11.19

Check out the Soap & Glory Flake away in my May Target Beauty Box review.

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Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub Review

I love the Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel so I decided to try the Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub and I love it!

What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of charcoal masks and I am so glad that Clinique has one that’s a scrub too . This mask has natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay plus natural silica beads for an exfoliant.

It has zero scent and the grey formula feels very soft and smooth upon application. To use I just applied all over my face and let dry for 5 minutes. The mask does turn blue as it drys then I massaged it into my face as I removed it  with warm water for the exfoliation part.

I have to say that my face looked amazing when I was done. My pores really shrunk which thrilled me and I had no drying. I think this might be my new favorite mask!


Price: $28

I also got a Clinique Gift With Purchase from Macy’s with product!

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Bath & Body Works CocoShea Coconut Body Buff Review

I wanted to share the last scent in the new Bath & Body Works CocoShea collection which is Coconut. I already reviewed the Honey and Cucumber scents and the Coconut one is just as nice.

What’s to love?

The entire CocoShea line is just amazing and I love the store displays. I snapped this pic at my Bath & Body Works and as you can see the display is quite nice and you can test all the products. I also got the sponge.


The CocoShea Coconut line includes Body Wash, Whipped Body Butter, Lightweight Body Oil, Body Lotion and the Body Buff which I purchased.

The CocoShea Coconut Body Buff is so nice. It has Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil with coconut shells and sugar crystals for the smoothing  factor. I would say the exfoliation factor is light to medium.

I have to say that the scent of this one is mellow. It smells like natural coconut for me without any added fragrance.

I did a comparison of the three CocoShea Scrubs on YouTube too.

I tried this out on my legs and it really made them smooth. I think this will be a great Summer product for my skin. I really want to add the Whipped Body Butter to my collection too.

Price: $13.50 (but be on the look-out for sales and coupons).

Check out the entire Bath & Body Works CocoShea line on my YouTube video!


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Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Foaming Sugar Scrub Review

Today I picked up the Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path Foaming Sugar Scrub because I wanted to try one of the new foaming sugar scrubs which come in over 10 scents.


What’s to love?

I’m not usually a floral fan but Moonlight Path is my moms favorite scent so I thought I’d give it a try because we’ll be sharing this product.

The formula is a pretty purple/blue with huge sugar crystals. The sugar crystals are larger then the crystals in the Bath & Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub but they quickly melt into a beautiful soft lather when you rub them in a circle on your skin. I was really impressed with how nice the lather was. Sometimes you don’t get a good lather with a sugar or salt scrub.

The exfoliation factor was a 10 for me. I used this product on my legs and they felt silky smooth. The foaming sugar scrub does have Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil to moisturize skin.

I was also super surprised that the scent was light. I was worried it would be overpowering but it was perfect, just a hint of floral. My mom loved it. I think next time I want to try the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent.

Sugar Scrub DIY Hack – I also use the Bath & Body Works Sugar Scrubs to clean my tub and shower walls. The sugar crystals work on soap scum and it leaves the bathroom smelling amazing.

Price: $16.50 (but don’t forget the sales and coupons).

Also be sure to check out my Spring 2017 Bath & Body Works Haul on YouTube!

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Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Shea & Sparkle Scrub Review

I’m on a bit of Bath & Body Works holiday overload but there are so many neat new products that I want to share with all of you like the Twisted Peppermint Shea & Sparkle Scrub which I can’t find online yet. I’m wondering if our store got a sneak preview of the new holiday products early because there are so many new things I’ve never seen before.

OK, now let’s talk about glitter for a minute before I review this awesome product! I kid you not when I say that it’s like a glitter bomb went off at Bath & Body Works this year. Everything is full of shimmer and that’s fine with me because there’s nothing I like more than glitter. Yep! I’m a middle-aged mom who loves anything glittery. Maybe it’s my ’80’s glam rock roots or maybe I just like shiny things! It’s probably both.


What’s to love?

I love peppermint almost as much as I love glitter. It’s funny, people either love peppermint or hate peppermint. I happen to love it and after Nov. 1st I even carry candy canes in my purse to suck on when I’m stressed out so it’s no surprise that I love the Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint line.

Aside from the amazing smell the new Twisted Peppermint scrub smells amazing and has a nice grit that worked great on exfoliating my skin. It’s also got little fleck of gold and silver glitter for a super festive experience. I also love how this formula moisturizes my skin. I’ve always love the B & BW’s Shea butter  line for helping my dry Winter skin.

You can evens see the glitter on my hand swatch. It’s beautiful and would make a great gift.


Price: $14.50 (but be sure to watch for sales and use coupons).