Jane Henson and my jalopy

Many, Many (many) years ago in a galaxy, far, far away (OK, just kidding) I was in college and our struggling theatre company produced a puppetry play. It just so happened that the Artistic Director was friends with the amazing Jane Henson (Jim Henson’s wife) and she flew down to attend the show which was beyond cool.

The Drop-Off

At the time I was the Managing Director of said struggling theatre and my task was to drive the amazing Jane Henson back to the alumni house after the show. Unfortunately my ride happened to be a beat up 1989 Ford Tempo with bad suspension. Needless to say I felt like a boob chauffeuring Jim Henson’s wife around in my *jalopy, I felt like even more of a boob when my empty McDonald’s fry container stuck to the bottom of her foot as she excited the vehicle.


Fortunately for me Jane Henson was an extremely nice human and didn’t seem to mind the bouncy ride in my junker or the trash on the floor.

I have a point, I do!

I’m telling this story because today marks the 46th birthday of Sesame Street and the Henson’s deserve a huge shout out for creating puppets, muppets and creatures that rock.

*A jalopy is a beat up, crappy looking rust bucket of a car. Not sure I’ve heard that word in awhile but when I Googled it I learned that it’s a British term although the favored word is old banger. I shall now use “jalopy” in a sentence. “I gleefully drove around London in an old jalopy with Alan Rickman”. Hmmmm….sounds a bit more classy now.

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