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The Scott Brothers are social media geniuses. Watch and learn.

In addition to being a self-proclaimed girl geek I also know a thing thing or two about social media from my days at Squidoo. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. The good, the bad and the down right stupid. You’d be amazed at how many people are just horrific at using social media.

On the flip side I’ve also seen some of the best social interactions by the Scott Brothers. Yep, the twins who host Property Brothers on HGTV and a myriad of other cool TV shows are social media geniuses and it’s not by accident. These guys work to make the magic (ok that was corny) happen.

I’ve been studying (not in the creepy way of course) Jonathan and Drew now for a couple of years and here’s what makes them more popular than mac & cheese.

First take a look

Here’s Jonathan on Twitter and Drew

Healthy competition

Notice that their Twitter followers are pretty close in number. Competition is awesome and having an attractive twin to spar with makes social media more fun. They inadvertently get more popular by cross promoting each other which leads to fan sharing (ok, that really does sound creepy). Most women probably follow both Jonathan and Drew.


These guys are genius at interacting with fans on Twitter. They often respond or retweet stuff they love. Trust me, nothing kills your Twitter presence faster than silence. You have to be an active player.

They spread joy and humor

Unless that’s your schtick constant bemoaning gets you nowhere fast. No one wants to hear about your bad bus ride or crappy day unless there’s a funny story mingled in. Both Jonathan and Drew are laugh-out-loud, pee-your-pants funny and they always bring joyfulness into their posts. I rarely not smile after reading these guys.

They mix it up

Vine, meme’s podcasts, videos…you never know what antics these guys are going to come up with next and that’s refreshing and makes you want to see what’s next.

They show up

This is a really big deal. I’ve seen celebrity Twitter feeds that are about as boring as watching ice melt…canned updates, useless promos and no personal interaction. Not so with the Scott Brothers. These guys Tweet from airplanes, the red carpet, their job site and they make it fun.

There is another (little Star Wars reference there)

As if two Scott Brother’s tweeting wasn’t good enough there’s a third brother for you to follow. JD is Jonathan and Drew’s older (and just as cool) brother. Follow him here

So there you have it. Stop by Twitter and learn a thing or two from these brothers.


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