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I Crocheted A Star Wars Lightsaber: The Force Is Really Made Of Yarn

This is what happens when you give a middle aged mom some yarn and Photoshop.  In honor of “The Force Awakens” I decided to create a crocheted lightsaber.

Aside from embarrassing my kid I think I succeeded in creating a pretty darn cool lightsaber made of yarn. Not that I’d scare Darth Vader or anything but my black bathrobe doubles nicely as a Jedi hood and my glasses kind of make me look like an educated Jedi.


May the Force of Yarn give you the strength to create geeky projects this holiday season.

The Artistic Process: From Prototype to Product

As you can see my prototype kinda sucked. I clearly needed to make this sucker a little less limp. My easy solution was a wooden dowl rod that I smashed up the center. Then I just used a red chain that wrapped around the more realistic lightsaber, The handle was pretty easy, just some black chains to make it look more Star Warsy (is that a word)? The key here is to just wing it. Wrap, tie, loop and repeat. That’s my motto.

4339139_orig     1592765_orig    9626477_orig


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