The Chocolate Pen Is The Devil


We just got done using the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen and my, oh my what an adventure. I am beyond flummoxed on how this little devil got a high rating on Amazon.

I got this device for my daughter for her birthday and today we had a chance to try it out. Yikes. 3 hours later and we’ve got pink goop in our hair, pink goop on the dog and I’m going to need a jack hammer to clean the kitchen floor.

I am horrified that this thing even made it to market. It simply does not work. Not only does it not work but it will drive you mad in the process of not working. Either that or I am the most dim witted person on the planet because after 3 hours of hard work we ended up with a pile of muck.

First the clip that holds the tip on does not clip. OK, it clips after you monkey with it for an hour. Second the “frosting” doesn’t come out unless your heat it up to a zillion degrees, then it comes out in a volcanic burst. Third, the “frosting” doesn’t even come close to popping out of the molds, it just kinda flakes out in little pieces. Ugh.

The above photo depicts the candy that turned out good, I can’t even show the rejects, too scary.

So do yourself a favor and just buy your kid a pastry bag and some frosting, it’ll be much more fun and  a lot less messy.

If you don’t believe me, listen to  Bunny.

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