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Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb Review

The Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb is one of my favorites. I ordered this bath bomb online and it came wrapped in clear cellophane which can cause the product to get a bit crumbly upon opening. So if you have a Lush store near by I recommend a visit. The visual experience of picking out bath bombs at Lush is amazing too.


Why I love the Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb.

Big Blue delivers a burst of color and scent that will fill your bathroom with Lavender and Lemon, but the thing I like best is the seaweed. You get Arame Seaweed and Seaweed Absolute in Big Blue which makes for a soothing bath experience. Your skin will feel amazing after a good soak. The only strange part is that the bomb is literally shedding seaweed pieces the entire time which makes you feel a little like you’re swimming with Dory and Nemo.

Price: $6.50


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