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Lush Wrapped Gifts Are The BEST!

I am so in love with Lush Wrapped Gifts. I just got my friend Robin the Butterfly which has Ro’s Argan and Sultana of Soap and she loves it! Here’s a few pictures she sent me.

You can choose a gift in every price range and they all come with a free sample. She got some Fun. The packaging is just so cute too. This is definitely a quality gift.

A few of my favorite Lush gifts are…

Great Balls Of Bicarb – Pink – This one comes with 5 Bath Bombs including Blackberry, Sakura, Sex Bomb. The Experimenter and Twilight. Price: $42.95

Splash  – This is a new one that has Sea Vegetable Soap, Big, Whoosh, Ocean Salt and a Big Blue Bath Bomb. Price: $39.95

29 – This is a Lush addicts dream! 29 is loaded with 24 products including the 29 ½ High Street Soap. Price: $269.95 and worth every penny. This is on my Christmas list.

So if you’ve got a friend or family member that you want to pamper get them a Lush gift. They will love you forever.


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