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Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb Underwater Demo and Review

If you’re looking for a super cool bath bomb experience then the Lush “The Experimenter” Bath Bomb should be on your list. This explosion of color and smell is incredible.

I actually decided to do something different today so I grabbed my husbands underwater GoPro Hero and filmed The Experimenter going off in the bath tub! Check it out and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Queen of the Girl Geeks while you’re at it.

So as you can see this bath bomb is pretty darn cool.

I was so excited to create the video I forgot to get a “before” photo but you can see the unique shape as I drop it into the water.

What’s so cool about The Experimenter are the, blue, yellow green, purple…you get an entire rainbow! The water however ends up a sea monster green color with serious silver shimmer.

The scent (like The Force) is strong with this one. You get a mixture of Vanilla and Vetivert Oil. This combo lasts for hours after bath time is over. I just got my arms in the mix and they still smell amazing.

Another unique thing about The Experimenter is the crackling. I “think” but don’t quote my on this…that the cracking sound is from the Popping Candy (Isomalt, Lycasin, Carbon Dioxide) effect. I am also curious about the center of the bath bomb, it’s a unique looking core. Very cool.


So do try this bath bomb for a completely exciting bath experience!


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