Lush Frozen Bath Bomb Review

It’s like taking a bath at Elsa and Anna’s castle! Ok, maybe not but the Lush Frozen Bath Bomb is pretty cool.


What’s to love?

This one is really nice if you love roses and floral scents. While it’s not my personal favorite I can see why people love it so much. It’s a whirl of blue and silvery white shimmer and the scent is really strong.

The color is just amazing too, an arctic blue that reminds you of, well…Frozen! So Rose Oil, , Neroli Oil and Geraniol this could fast become a favorite for you. A bunch of the review also mentioned that it’s got a lot of glitter. Mine was shimmery but I didn’t have as much glitter as The Experimenter Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb is also a long one that takes about 8-10 minutes to dissolve and it did leave my feet and hands silky smooth.

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