PÜR Château de Vine Mineral Lipstick Lipstick Review

Last week when I was at Ulta they had the PÜR Château de Vine Mineral Lipstick on sale for 60% off so I picked up the Jezabel shade. I wish I had gotten 2 as they are normally $18 because who doesn’t need more lipstick!

What’s to love?

This is my first experience with PÜR and I really liked the brand. This Château de Vine Mineral Lipstick is a super high quality formula that goes on smooth with a lot of pigmentation. It feel very light and almost not there on my lips and it has a very nice light vanilla scent. I have to say  hat I love lipsticks that smell like vanilla, that is a major selling point for me.

The Jezabel shade does look darker in the tube. The swatch below is more accurate. It’s a beautiful plum wine color that will be great for Fall. This is an anti-aging formula and it does feel very moisturizing on my lips.

It’s call this shade a “sheer”. It’s somewhere between a cream and a shimmer. The product is also Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free and the container is BPA free. I really want to try some of their other stuff.

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