Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara Review

I got a full sized tube of the Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in my Target Beauty Box and I was excited to try it, the results however were pretty mixed

The good and the bad…

First I have to say that this product is not a complete disaster as a mascara but there is no way the average human is creating flawless Katy Perry cat eyes with this product.

I got the Black shade and it also comes in Perry Blue and Very Black. The tube is all white with a black font and the tube is huge. It feels much larger than a standard tube.

Oh the wand! I’d say the worst part of this product is the wand. I actually thought it might be defective when I opened the tube. The shape is is like an oval swivel (which is where I think the 360° part comes from) but for me it didn’t work. The mascara was clumped on the wand and looked thick and goopy. I had to brush a good deal of it off before I applied.

After I removed some of the product the application wasn’t too bad but I only used one light coat. I think that more than one coat would have given me clumps. It did however work surprisingly well on my bottom lashes.


Being over 40 I tend to like a light mascara that looks natural. The Katy Kat looked decent with one coat but has too many other issue for me to be a fan.

On the plus side I had no itching or irritation at all and the product have a very light scent which I liked.


I took the above photo about 3 hours after I applied the mascara and I was out on a very windy day. You can see a weird black streak on my left eye and I think that’s from my hair swiping across my mascara and onto my face which was just weird.

Overall I think this mascara would probably work for some people, it’s just not my cup of tea. With so many mascaras on the market competition is fierce (ha…Katy Perry reference there) and this one didn’t make my cut.


About Queen of the Girl Geeks

Bonnie is a 48-year-old girl geek. She started her career as a geek way back in the 1970's after she saw Star Wars 37 times. She loves hanging out in cosmetics shops, writing about the latest beauty products and helping moms over 40 look amazing. In her spare time she collects beach glass and blogs about it.
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2 Responses to Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara Review

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  2. CheryFay says:

    Good to know. I’m always looking for a good mascara. That’s the most I usually wear when I can. I do like blue mascara or maybe brown.

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