ChapStick DUO Holiday Pack

A few months I tired the ChapStick DUO and i really loved it so I was thrilled to find the NEW Limited Edition ChapStick DUO Holiday Pack at Target that comes in Candy Cane and Vanilla shimmer. These make great stocking stuffers too!


I have been a long time fan of Chapstick products and love the holiday flavors. I also like that Chapstick is Made in the USA.

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Bath & Body Works Tree-Rex Anti-Bacterial Foaming Mousse for Christmas

I just discovered another super cute Christmas product at Bath & Body Works. The Tree-Rex Anti-Bacterial Foaming Mousse for Christmas is just adorable!


What’s to love?

The Tree-Rex Anti-Bacterial Foaming Mousse has the classic Vanilla Bean Noel scent and is a white foam. It smells amazing with an alcohol scent that dissipates into Vanilla Bean Noel and it feels really nice on my hands.

Being a germaphobe I love carrying this one in my purse and I get lots of nice comments about the dino design! These would make really nice gifts too!

Also be sure to check out my Bath & Body Haul on YouTube where I demo Tree Rex!

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New It Girl Palette Review

I am a huge fan of It Cosmetics so it’s no surprise that I love the new It Girl 2017 palette.

What’s to love?

First off the bling factor is 100%, the case alone is worth the price of this palette. It’s really pretty and high quality.

The palette contains 4 mattes and 4 pearl shades although I Lovely and Darling feel more like sheers to me.

The base colors are amazing, I use them in the Superhero palette too and they cover dark skin really well.

I get no creasing and find the colors to be highly pigmented and they have great staying power.

Here’s what you get:

–  Beautiful: Neutral Base / Highlighting Color
–  Glitz: Pearl Nude
–  Lovely: Matte Nude
–  Stunning: Pearl Bronze
–  Divine: Matte Chocolate Brown

–  Blush: Ombré Rose with Highlighting Pink

–  IT Girl: Brightening Base / Highlighting Color
–  Charming: Pearl Champagne
–  Darling: Matte Nude Pink
–  Dazzle: Pearl Rose
–  Brilliant: Matte Wine

Overall I think this is my new favorite palette. I hope they come out with a Version 2 that has some purple shades too.

First Impression video for the New It Girl Palette.

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Bath & Body Works Christmas Soap — Naughty, Nice & Lump of Coal

Bath & Body Works is starting to release their Christmas soap. They have Naughty (Winter Candy Apple), Nice (Vanilla Bean Noel) and Lump of Coal (Activated Charcoal).

I found the Naughty and Lump of Coal in my store.


What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of Bath & Body Works soap and this line is excellent too. They are  made with glycerin but they don’t feel like a glycerin soap. I find them to be super creamy and moisturizing.

The soap is $7.50 and I want to get 6 with the Buy 3, Get 3 Black Friday deal so that I can use them for gifts and stocking stuffers. The question is who gets naughty and who gets nice? hmmmmm.

Check out my Bath & Body Works video haul too!

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Spread The Love For Thanksgiving!

I wanted to do a special post for Thanksgiving so I came up with the idea of sharing a fellow blogger and I thought it would be neat if other bloggers tried it too.

The blogger I want to share is my good friend Robin. She is a blogger, crocheter, writer, a huge fan of David Bowie and an all around great person.

She blogs under the name Imperial Crochet right here on WordPress so do give her follow if you like crochet.

She has an Etsy store too so take a look around if you’re looking for handmade Christmas gifts:

You can also follow her on…

AND she also has a really neat blog called Retro Invites: if you’re a fan of decades past so do take a gander!

Who is YOUR favorite blogger?

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Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review

One of the most unique and fun new Bath & Body Works Christmas products is Unicorn Snot which I absolutely LOVE!

Unicorn Snot is a glitter gel that comes in 4 colors — pink, purple, silver & gold. I was able to pick up the pink and purple shades today.

It doesn’t really have a scent and is a lightweight clear gel with really nice glitter. I was able to rub it on my skin for a light sheen and even at 47 it looks good on me (I think). You can even wear it in your hair for a little sparkle.

These also make great gifts for teens and tweens. They are $10 but if you can find a Buy 3, Get 3 deal with 20% off they are much more reasonable. I’m going to be giving a lot of Unicorn Snot out for Christmas this year. I hope my family loves it as much as me!

Check out my Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review on YouTube!

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Lush Christmas Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb Review

The Lush Christmas Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb smells amazing you just have to get used to the jelly!


What’s to love?

First up the Jelly Bombs are really unique. I have tried the Lush Marmalade Jelly Bomb and Secret Arts so far and the science behind them is so interesting — “Jelly Bombs release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from a mineral-rich seaweed.” and they are a bit gooey and slimy which takes some getting used to but they do moisturize really well and are tons of fun to play with.

Snow Fairy smells like candy and the pink and white swirls are gorgeous. I prefer this one over the black Secret Arts one.


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