L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour Review

Last week I picked up 2 L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolours from Amazon for an amazing price so that I could try them out. I got  #880 Fairest Nude and #839 Cinnamon Toast.

What I loved!

This lipstick gets an A+ for color. The Colour Riche line is exactly that, rich in color. Both shades were are very true to shade and completely cover your lips in one layer. Oddly the nude shade covered a bit better than the toast. I felt like I needed a lip liner to contain the darker color, you can see that it bled a bit on my lips.

The texture is super creamy and adheres well to your lips making them feel super smooth and moisturized. It also has great coverage and is long lasting which is awesome.

I also like the packaging. The gold case is durable and the top snaps securely in place.

What’s not so hot for me.

I have problems with scented lipstick and although this one has a pleasant scent (it’s a combination of vanilla and fruit) it just doesn’t work for me. Oddly I like scented lip gloss, just not lipstick. My daughter however loved the scent so it’s definitely a personal choice.

Overall I would recommend Colour Riche because you can get a huge variety of shades for a great price at $8 per tube.

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