Benefit Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting Kit Review

I feel like I hit the jackpot today! I wandered into Sephora while my mom and daughter were getting their hair cut and found the Benefit Cosmetics Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting Kit for $20.

I picked up Lemon Aid last week and my mom wanted one so when I was looking through the Benefit display I found this great little collection that’s valued at $60.

I was thrilled to see that it not only came with Lemon Aid but an entire sampling of color-correcting products in 3 plastic cases that flip up.

Here’s what you get…

Case Number 1 – Boi-ing  in Shade 01 and Lemon Aid

Case Number 2 -Boi-ing  in Shade 02 and Lemon Aid

Case Number 1 –  Erase Paste in Number 2 Medium and Eye Bright.

Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Full Coverage Concealer

My mom and I both lucked out with the Boi-ing. I got shade 01 and she got shade 02. We both love it! Our dark circles are banished! Boi-ing has the same harder consistency that Lemon Aid has and blends super easily.

Lemon Aid x 2

Lemon Aid is a favorite of my and why I bought this set. Here’s the Lemon Aid Review I did last week:

Erase Paste Brightening Concealer

Erase Paste is a super soft creamy Concealer, I accidentally sunk my finger into it thinking it was hard. It has a great consistency and my 71-year-old mom was able to blend out several dark areas on her face with super coverage. The Number 2 shade was a bit dark for me as you can see I have very fair skin.


Eye Bright

Eye Bright comes in a pencil if you buy it alone so I thought that it was neat to have it in a pot in this set. Eye Bright is a must have for anyone over 40. Dab a little bit on the corners of your eyes and blend with your finger to look instantly fresh. I seriously love this product!

So if you’re looking to try out the Benefit correcting line or get a little of each product this is the perfect set. I have a feeling this set is going to last quite awhile, you get a nice amount of each product.

So happy, happy day at Sephora today! I even kept the bag


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